Review on Challenges and Opportunities of Sheep Production Systems in Ethiopia

Andualem Yihun

The review was conducted to challenges and opportunities of sheep population trends in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian indigenous sheep are well adapted to feed shortage, low quality house, harsh environment, high disease prevalence and low level of nutritional status. Poor health management is one of the important problems hindering livestock productivity in Ethiopia. As a review of population growth, urbanization and others, the demand for animal product have substantially increased in Ethiopia. The performance of livestock product marketing was poor in the last decade showing less accessibility to both consumers and other market due to number of constraints particularly in meat and live animal marketing. The common live animal market constraint includes: Lack of clear sheep marketing system, cultural and religion factor, inaccessible market and lack of transport, poor extension service and practice, lack of market information, and localized market. The opportunities of sheep marketing sector include: population growth, infrastructure development, government focus and trained manpower. Meat and live animal marketing constraint include: Lack of clear marketing channel and market information, seasonal based demand, long market chain, lack of market oriented production, poor market infrastructure, informal cross border trade, low quality product, trend and preference of the product. Some golden opportunities in meat and live animal marketing include: Change in domestic and export demand, clear government policies, infrastructure development and accessible technology. Therefore, it is very critical to effectively exploit the opportunities in the sector and overcoming limitation in the meat and live animal marketing is highly vital to bring sustainable economic development.