Isolation of Two Isolates from Abrus precatorius Methanolic Extract Using Spectrometry

Saganuwan AS, Patrick A , Ngozi JN and Reto B

Combination of column chromatography, thin layer chromatography and neutron magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used for isolation and characterization of phytochemical principles. The study was carried out to further re-assess the credibility and the problems associated with the methods using methanolic extract of Abrus precatorius leaf. Column and thin layer chromatography led to separation of two n-hexane isolates, H1 (yellow with Rf=0.121) suspected to be alkaloid. But the spectra may be flavonoid, quinone, flavanquinone and glycoside and H2 (bluish-green with Rf=0.608) suspected to be mixtures of aliphatic and aromatic compounds in addition to methanold4. Neither of the isolates contained a single compound in sufficient purity for further assessment.