Impact of the Consumption of Three Food Plants in the Department of Man on the Body Mass Index and High Blood Pressure

Kone Mohamed Ba1,2*, Koffi Affoue Carole1,2, Gbakayoro Brice2, Brou Kouakou2

The main objective of this study is to determine the impact of the consumption of three food plants on the body mass index and high blood pressure. The descriptive cross-sectional survey was carried out for this work between February 2022 and April 2022 in three urban areas (Doyagouine, Campus and Gbepleu) and four rural areas (Kassiapleu, Biakale, Kuitongouine and Petit Gbepleu). It focused on the frequency of consumption of three food plants, Guile (Sesamum radiatum), Sran (Beilschmiedia mannii ), Zanhan (Byttneria catalpifolia ) and the assessment of anthropometric parameters (body mass, height and blood pressure). Then, a correlation between the anthropometric parameters and the frequency of consumption of these three food plants has been established. The results showed that factors such as age, place of residence have an influence on the prevalence of high blood pressure and obesity. The age groups most favorable to the development of high blood pressure is 40-60 years and 60-85 years and 40-60 years for obesity. High blood pressure and obesity are also most prevalent in urban environment. The correlations showed that more the subjects surveyed consumed the three food plants studied the less they were exposed to hypertension and obesity.