Common risk factors for oral cancer and general diseases among institutionalized older people

Objectives of this paper are to evaluate the burden of common risk factors for chronic diseases and oral cancer in a disavantaged community, institutionalized older people and to conduct an oral cancer examination. Material and method: after obtaining informed consent, 93 institutionalized older people were interviewed about smoking, alcohol consumption and diet; afterwards they were clinical examined in order to detect oral mucosal lesion. Results: there is unmet need among this group; health promotion and disease prevention have to be based on the common risk factors approach. It is important to understand the biomedical and psiho-social aspects of care for older people; the needs for care are highest among socio-economic disadvantaged, vulnerable older people. Conclusions: interrelationship between oral health and general health is particularly pronounced among older people. The consequences of chronic diseases are significant, leading to disabilities and reduced quality of life.